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Continuing Education Credit* Members/guests meet the CE/LU requirements of numerous organizations by attending APA Training. APA is a registered provider with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR, #PVD312), Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR, #1521), American Institute of Architects (AIA/CES, #G583) and a preferred provider for the International Code Council (ICC, #1321). APA provides pre-verified ACTCP credits for the ADA Coordinator Training Certification Program (ACTCP). We award an Accessibility Standards Completion Certificate, as well as APA-ADA Specialist, APA-ADA Assembly Specialist and APA-ADA Transient Lodging Specialist Designations, when all criteria are met.  


 9433 Bee Cave Road 
 Building II, Suite 203 
 Austin, TX 78733 

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Accessibility Professionals Association (APA) is an Association of Professionals focused on ensuring accessibility in the built environment - and we are growing in Florida!

We are the only national association specializing in the built environment and are dedicated to equipping our members to provide superior service to building owners, design professionals and contractors throughout the United States. Our members provide consulting services to our constituent architects, designers, engineers, contractors, building owners and other professionals.

We are establishing a Florida Chapter!  Join us for continuing education and training seminars in Florida  this spring in Miami and Orlando in the fall.  The APA seminars/webinars provide high quality, in-depth and interactive training. We look forward to covering a variety of topics on accessibility based upon expressed interests from our local Building Officials, Design Professionals, Contractors, Owners, and Developers. Join us!

Florida Contacts:

For additional information contact either: Diana Ibarraor Jeff Yanke or by phone at (205) 306-1649.

Add your contact information on the Home Page (top left corner) to receive information regarding upcoming continuing education training that will be offered in Florida.  

Continuing Education

Due to Covid 19 the Doral-Miami, Florida Training is being postponed until Fall 2020.  Watch for further details! 

Members meet the requirements of numerous organizations by attending APA Training. APA is now a registered CE/LU provider with Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR).  APA is also a provider for Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), American Institute of Architects (AIA), International Code Council (ICC) and the ADA Coordinator Training Certification Program (ACTCP).

APA also offers APA-ADA Specialist, Accessibility Standards, Assembly Specialist, and Transient Lodging Specialist Designations completion certificates.

Our Members

The Accessibility Professionals Association members are experts on complying with the Americans with Disability Act and codes within various states. We also assist in educating our members in other related accessibility codes such as the Fair Housing Act (FHA) and other building accessibility Codes and Standards, enabling them to guide their clients towards compliance, which can be a complex and challenging process. Our professional members are licensed by various agencies and have a broad knowledge of the laws, codes and standards that promote accessibility in the built environment. Whether it is a public building or privately-owned structure; leased or occupied by government agencies; a place of public accommodation; or a commercial facility for individuals with disabilities, our APA members are engaged in a wide range of accessibility consulting, including assisting building owners, architects, contractors, building officials and consumers in assuring an accessible built environment.


How APA Members Can Partner with Business and Government

  • Plan reviews to verify your plans are designed complying with applicable federal, state, and/or local accessibility codes before construction begins.
  • Site inspections to verify your facility meets applicable accessibility requirements during and after the completion of construction.
  • Building and site assessments to identify items or areas of non-compliance in existing structures.
  • Accessibility seminars to educate and answer questions on accessibility standards, and provide insight into issues facing those within the building and construction industries.
  • Consulting in the development of strategies for on-going proactive architectural barrier  removal thereby minimizing owner’s liability.
  • Design services provided at any point in the design or construction process to assist in the preparation of accessibility solutions for drawings, details, and specifications.
  • Expert testimony including dispute resolution for mediation and arbitration.
  • Governmental Policy
    • Serve as a resource in establishing policy
    • Provide a “review team” to address constituent concerns regarding state and federal laws related to disability
    • Disseminate necessary information regarding disability-related policies and laws through our emails and/or mailings to appropriate representatives of the business community as well as the disability community

APA Mission

  • Support membership needs and organizational growth
  • Enhance professional development 
  • Actively promote the services provided by our members 
  • Hold our members to a high standard of professionalism and ethics 
  • Facilitate consistency in the application of accessibility regulations 
  • Present a unified voice in our industry
  • Actively participate in the development, interpretation and adoption of accessibility regulations
  • Promote the value of certified accessibility specialists and consultants

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