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APA is a TDLR Provider (#1521), AIA/CES Provider (#G583), ICC Preferred Provider (#1321) and provides selected courses which apply toward ACTCP certification, APA also awards an APA-ADA Specialist Designation and Accessibility Standards completion certificate, when all criteria are met.

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APA-ADA Specialist Track Graduates

Accessibility Professionals Association Board of Directors and task force have developed an "APA Specialist" Designation program which is awarded to individuals who specialize in the built environment, attend the eight hours of specific APA training and pass a written, proctored test. The designation is limited to members of APA.

The following is the criteria and a listing of those who successfully completed the first training for APA/ADA Specialist Designation and passed the test given on January 22, 2016

These individuals are members of APA, hold a license/certification as RAS, ICBO, CASP, or equal. We congratulate them on this accomplishment and the advancement of their professional knowledge and expertise.

Akinwunmi, Seun
Allender, Irene
Boyle, Celia
Boecker, Gene
Brennan, Kristin
Brewer, Stacey
Caballero, Mary
Cawyer, Fred
Columbus, Phillip J.
Covert, JR
Darr, Douglas
Darr, Teresa
Davies, Bob
Davies, Mary
DeBauge-Harcum, Lucia
Deffner, Konny
Fleming, Tim A.
Gereda, Julie
Glenn, Paul
Goss, Kim
Grojean, Peter
Guerrero, Felipe
Guerrero, Jose
Haight, Richard
Harris, Colleen Dement
Harris, George A.
Harris, Monica
Heilman, Jeanene
Hertner, Hans
Hooker, Kim
Huegele, Richard
Huszka, Attila
Jackson, Karen
Jackson, Steve
Kerstetter, Thomas
Lane, Leonard
Lardizabal, Jesus
Linnstaedter, Robert
Love, Michael
Lozano, Richard
MacPhie, Stephen
Manthei, William C.
Marrero, A. Leslie
Massey, Sharon
McClellan, Jack
McMillan, David
Menard, Ronald
Morley, Mark
Mullins, Anne
Mullins, Martin
Nash, Deborah
O'Keefe, Jane
Otten, Kenneth
Papia, James
Pruitt, Carroll
Pullin, John
Qualls, Walter
Ramsey, Lynn
Respondek, Holly
Rhoads, Marcela Abadi
Ronson, Robert
Roosth, Stuart
Schexnayder, Chris
Stow, Randy
Stumberg, Martin
Swatek, David
Terry, James
Torkelson, John
Wall, Carrie Ann
Weiss, Martha
Wilkins, Thomas
Woo, Kam